A Marian devotion or spirituality will always highlight one initial important point: at heart it is always “Christocentric”, i.e. at the heart of Mary we will always find the Heart of Jesus. The relationship between Mary and Jesus is that of Mother and Son; with bonds of blood, mind and Spirit. Our Blessed Mother always looks and points towards her Son. Therefore, a devotion to Mary will always highlight Jesus. Mary’s grace continues to bring forth the life of her Son, Our Saviour (LG VIII, 52-66).


Our Lady of Europe has always sought to foster and nurture a closer and deeper knowledge of the words and works of Jesus Christ for everyone. She desires that her devotees come to a closer personal relationship with her Son. By following the example of her Son –as she herself does- our lives will become enriched and purposeful (RM 38-39 1987).


It should then not surprise us that the major part of devotion to Our Lady is participation in the Sacramental life of the Church, especially The Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. These are the means ‘par excellence’ that provide a real union with Jesus Christ plus we obey His command to “do this in memory of me” (SC 2). Devotion to Mary will always mirror this love for Jesus in the sacred species with a penitential frame of mind. Recipients of the sacrament will always acknowledge their personal and global unworthiness and hence come to recognise the immense gift that God’s grace has bestowed on us.


This is the unchangeable centre of the life and purpose of the Shrine's spirituality.  Without this, all other related areas will not be properly understood:  Jesus is the context within which everything else is built upon.  He remains the "cornerstone" of the Shrine.

1. A Spirituality With Jesus At Heart