European map of the Marian Network.
The European Marian Network
The European Marian Network links twenty
Sanctuaries together -the same number can be found in the number of decades in a rosary.

The map right, offers approximate locations of each of these Sanctuaries.  Notice how many are situated behind the former "Iron Curtain".

To reveal more information about each Sanctuary in its respective country: mouseover each black box.  A small window will appear over this same dotted area.  As long as you keep your cursor on the same black box the same window will remain. 

The best known Sanctuary from each country was chosen.  No other implication should be construed by this criteria.
Under different titles, the Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated in every country, in different ways  and Christian confessions.  May Mary's intercession help nations and people's grow in union with each other. 

The European Marian Network started in 2003 with Rome's encouragement.  Members meet each year to discuss their experiences and needs as places of pilgrimage.  This is in reality a monumental task, for millions of pilgrims gather each year around these Sanctuaries.  The Network then affords a magnificent forum for dialogue and support. 

The Marian Network is constantly reviewing the role of Sanctuaries in the "New Evangelisation".  It seeks to better offer the "Good News" of the Gospel.
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