Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reminder... Community Section.

Today just a friendly reminder that has a community or forums section for all communications, interaction and sharing. Much can be done with these community resources; let's make great use of them! You can find it at this LINK.

You will be required to register. The reason for this is to avoid spam or awkward posts.

It can also be used for those who are away from home; as a great means to keep in touch.

These things only work when people use them. C U there!

Yarm: People often comment on the bad things found in the internet and how we can be beset by dangers. Yet we don't use the good things available in the web!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jubilee 2008-2009

Of all the many options available to us, as regards New Year's resolutions, would you consider a closer affiliation with the Shrine and Our Lady of Europe?

We are very proud of our surroundings and our heritage. We are very conscious of those characteristics that define us; as a community, a people and a small nation. What is this identity composed of, for you?

I sincerely believe that Our Lady of Europe is an integral part of all of us, without exception! She has been a witness and an active co-star in our history. I often wonder if we give her, her due place in society? There is therefore no other better time than now to reflect throughout this Jubilee year on our relationship with Our Lady and the Shrine. We can reflect these thoughts in how best to participate within all the Shrine's activities. The sheer idea of the Shrine entails community and interaction. A part of which is yours and yours alone!

Yarm: all of us should get involved! After all, its a big part of who we are!

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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Epiphany.

"I've had a moment of epiphany..." We have all heard or used this phrase. To my understanding, it means: a moment of clarification, inspiration; having a great idea or an extraordinary realization.

The Wise Men or Magi were the ones who experienced this "Epiphany". They realized the true nature of the Child Jesus. This was no run-of-the mill, ordinary event. They understood the ramifications of this new experience. It should not surprise us that their immediate response was to pay homage and present gifts that included an affirmation of Jesus' nature and mission. It's not by sheer coincidence that these three men are characterized as wise.

The Transfiguration is also classed as an Epiphanic Moment Jesus is revealed and witnessed as He truly is.

Yarm asks: What will our own personal gift to Jesus be? What would be a meaningful gift? Maybe a simple love and worship is the ideal gift. Then again, that's only what I could do...

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Friday, January 2, 2009

What Have We To Loose?

Centuries ago Blaise Pascal said: "What have we to loose in believing in God?" And if you think about it, there is nothing to loose only to gain! I am convinced that despite all our failures and mistakes, belief in God can only make us better; better human beings.

What do we loose in asking for Our Lady's intercession throughout all the challenges in this new year? By doing do we do not loose God, nor to we loose ourselves. We gain a mother's insight; a support in times of trial. I sincerely believe that we also follow Jesus' request to John (the Evangelist) to make Mary as his own mother. Maybe the difficulty lies in allowing Mary to be our mother! She will never refuse us, yet do we reciprocate?

May Mother Mary love and protect throughout this year.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mater Dei

If there were a phrase to describe Our Lady it would be: a woman of substance! Why do I say this? Because despite any personal sufferings or misgivings, our Blessed Mother simply got on with the job! May this example inspire us for the coming year; may we remain faithful to our own "fiat".

It's important never to forget, that the title: "Mother of God" implies that the Blessed Virgin Mary is also mother to us all. We too can therefore seek her love and protection. We are then part of that same Holy Family that we celebrated only a few days ago. Let us then face this new year, not with fear or trepidation, but with acknowledgment of the mighty company we are in: Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

On this first day of the year let us join the whole Church in it's vital prayer for peace. Let's hope and work that peace finally arrives to every corner of the earth, to every home, to each single human person.

Yarm's wish: To all, Mary and Peace.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Have A Happy New Year!

Another year come and gone! If possible can I make a suggestion? An end of year is good time to re-cap. It's good to spend a few moments just thinking of all the major happenings or mis-happenings of the year gone by. This is not to praise any olympic standard records that we may have gained, or to torture ourselves in thinking of those awful and dreaded moments now gone by. The goal is simply to answer this question: after all experiences, can I honestly say that I'm a more complete human being? That's it!

After what we discover of ourselves, than let's realistically place some targets for the new coming year. We'll do it in a down to earth fashion and with generosity. At the next new year's, we'll repeat the process again and try to gain an insight of our personal progress.

This might seem somewhat clinical, yet we are ever more aware that one of our aims in life is to become better. Hopefully, better in becoming more like Christ.

Yarm's Message: Have a fruiful and happy New Year.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To Absent Friends...

To many, the Christmas season is not a time of rejoicing. For them, many of their loved ones are absent and too dearly missed! Without their presence Christmas is not the same... We forget that Christmas is more meaningful when prized people are with us.

When someone loses a loved one it can take a number of Christmases to make the loss more bearable! Christmas can appear to make absence more acute.

I believe that the love we exchange throughout our lives is never lost. Even though a physical presence is no longer their, we still can claim a heritage consisting of memories, experiences and love. These are even more important than material mementos.

I believe that despite the pain of loss, we have a duty to remember those who are no longer with us. What's more, we should do so respecting how they would wish us to remember them. In this way, we honour them and say to them that our lives were really enriched by their personality, goodness and love.

I believe that by remembering them, we still have them as part of lives. I'm pretty sure that absent loved ones would want us to continue to things as best we can!

To absent friends....

Yarm: ...gone or away but never forgotten.

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