Image: Statue of Our Lady of Europe in Algeciras.

Those that left Gibraltar in AD 1704 took with them the mutilated statue of Our Lady of Europe. A Chapel was constructed for her in Algeciras. These same Gibraltarians were able to continue their devotion. So much so, that Our Lady’s devotees in Algeciras requested certain privileges so as to promote devotion. Surprisingly the Bishop replied that all privileges were afforded to the statue at the Church where she was kept, i.e. the principal Church in Gibraltar, St. Mary The Crowned.


Later on (approx. 1860’s), Bishop Scandella, Vicar Apostolic of Gibraltar, began to request the return of the statue; the devotion started in Gibraltar where Europe was consecrated so that statue perpetuated this historical reality. The Bishop of Cadiz and the Primate of Spain were also involved in the discussions.


An acceptable solution arose. The statue would return to Gibraltar but an exact replica would have to be provided for Our Lady’s Chapel in Algeciras. Bishop Scandella honoured this agreement and also repaired the original statue. By 1864 both statues were completed. The ancient statue, from 1462, returned to Gibraltar.

Statue of Our Lady of Europe at Algeciras.

6. The Devotion Continued On The Rock

6. The Devotion Continued On The Rock