Image: Lyrics and music composed by Luis Diaz.  Performed by Los Trobadores.

The Parish Priest of the time was Mgr. Carmel Grech. He was delighted to become overseer of the statue. He had been responsible for the devotion to Our Lady of Europe prior to the war. He kept everything pertaining to Our Lady.


The people were enthused with love for Our Lady of Europe. This is manifested in a Hymn to Our Lady composed in the 1950’s by Luis Diaz and performed by Los Trobadores. This “Plegaria” has now become part of the local identity of the people. To this day, it is sought after and part of local excursions.


In 1961, as Mgr. Grech safeguarded the statue of Our Lady, he felt responsible for the spreading of the devotion. He setup a stained glass window of Our Lady of Europe at the entrance of the Church and called on the aid of Fr. Caruana who organised a Triduum in honour to Our Lady at St. Joseph’s Church. Fr. Orfila was invited to preach and the Bishop preached on the final day.


The Triduum was a success; an annual event that was postponed because of the war, now restarted invigorated and with renewed enthusiasm.

Lyrics to "Plegaria to Our Lady of Europe"

15. The First Triduum After The Second World War