Image: The Altar in the Chapel of Our Lady of Europe in Engineer Road.  The marble altar was donated by His Holiness Pope Pius IX.  The marble pieces of Baldachino forms the round marble altar in the present-day refurbished Shrine.

In AD 1864, when Bishop Scandella finally managed the return of the statue from Algeciras, it could not be lodged back at the original location, i.e. the Shrine; it was being used for military purposes. Instead it was provisionally placed in the Loreto Sisters Convent; at the time opposite the Governor’s Palace in Main Street.


The Bishop’s mid-term objective was to situate it as near to Europa Point as was possible. A suitable site was found at what is today an elderly care home (Mount Alvernia), Engineer Road. Bishop Scandella began a campaign to raise funds for its acquisition.


On completion Bishop Scandella organised a most solemn opening with an impressive procession towards the new Chapel. The road was lined on both sides by soldiers. This ceremony was intended as reparation for the AD 1704 desecration by the invading Marines.

The provisional Chapel’s design though simple, was conducive to prayer. A marble altar was donated by Pope Pius IX. Above the altar was a marble domed Baldachino under which the statue of Our Lady was enthroned.


The Chapel remained active until 1940, the beginning of the Second World War. For security reasons the statue of Our Lady was transferred to the Cathedral of St. Mary The Crowned.


Chapel of Our Lady of Europe in Engineer Road

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