Address Given By: H.E. Josef Cardinal Tomko - The Enthronement


Dear Lord and Savour Jesus Christ we recall in this year of preparation for the celebration of the Jubilee how, before completing your supreme act of redemption on the cross, you gave us your Mother as your gift to humanity. We thank you Lord for this honour and sharing your Mother with us.

Kneeling in this modest shrine, dedicated to Our Lady of Europe, and the monument to the consecration of the Continent of Europe many centuries ago, with filial confidence and devotion we appeal to you for your motherly care and protection. We are confident and believe that without your powerful intercession we shall fall short of building Europe on the solid foundation of our Christian heritage of which our ancestors were so proud.


Our Lady of Europe help this continent of Europe, once the cradle of Christianity, darkened now by some people who are set on the path of self-destruction, to accept your Son as “the Way, the Truth and the Life”. With this in mind, dear Mother, we humbly entrust and dedicate to you the welfare and protection of all in this old continent of Europe.

Pray holy Mother that there may prevail in Europe a spirit of tolerance and mutual respect; a cessation to all types of discrimination between the rich and the poor, between religions and races, between men and women; respect and protection for human life at all levels; respect for married life and the family; a resurgence of human values and Christian virtues; compassion for the sick, the aged, the less fortunate, the poverty stricken people; and a proper exercise of justice and equitable opportunities of employment for all.

Our Lady of Europe, assist those many generous men and women who relentlessly endeavour to bring about greater understanding and closer bonds between European countries. We pray, furthermore, dear Mother, that all differences be patiently settled through dialogue and never violence or bloodshed. We are convinced that it will be only through an effective unification that a lasting peace and prosperity will be achieved in Europe. May their efforts soon come to fruition.

With confidence we look forward to a new Europe in the new Millennium. Through your intercession, dear Mother, may the united countries of this continent, with a renewed Christian spirit, so shine that together they may become a beacon of light. A lamp that will attract other continents to follow and imitate.

Finally, dear Mary, Queen and Mother, may the devotion, which we are privileged to promote, not only remind people that Europe is protected by you, but also remind them that a lasting peace in Europe will only become a reality if each and everyone, with your help, fulfil our Christian vocation.