The Shrine of Our Lady of Europe is situated at one of the southern-most tips of Europe -the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets with the Atlantic Ocean.  It is part of the Catholic Diocese of Gibraltar.

The Shrine homes the ancient statue of Our Lady of Europe -Principal Patroness of Gibraltar.  The statue dates back 700 years.

The Shrine's simple architecture, though refurbished, maintains some Arabic "mosque" features. It's small size puts into context a great calling!

It's visitors range from faithful devotees to those seeking a time of silent reflection and tourists.

The Shrine is mainly a House of Prayer; offering liturgical services and periods of recollection.  With time, it has developed a distinct and particular spirituality.  It has embraced an intercessory prayer-life for the needs of Europe.  By so doing we have followed the requests of successive Roman Pontiffs.

We seek to foster a message of hope and goodwill to all peoples -a message of Good News!  We sustain that all human beings deserve their due dignity, such that has been divinely inspired.

The Shrine is totally run by clergy and great volunteers!  With whatever resources are available we endeavour to bring some peace and comfort to those who enter the Shrine and beyond.

Close ties are kept with other official Marian Shrines spread around Europe.  We therefore promote their testimony and echo their message.
About Us
North-Easterly view of the Shrine, the rear entrance is more visible.
A north-easterly view of the Shrine.  The rear horizon are the Atlas Mountains, North Africa, separated by the Mediterranean Sea.