How To?
How do I get to you?
The map on your right will give you an indication of our location. Should it not work for you, try clicking on "View Larger Map".

What is all about?
This whole site will give you a good background on who we are.  A good starting point is the "About Us" page.

I'd like to visit, how do I go about it?
It depends on what you are after. If it's simply in an individual capacity, check with our opening times and call in as you please.  Alternatively, you might be seeking a more personalized visit or with requirements for a larger group, the best option is to then "Contact Us".  We ask you to contact us so as to adequately anticipate all your needs.  Yet, whilst we are open, no restrictions of entry are imposed!  Your visit might coincide with a celebration or service but it should not detract you from visiting.

I need information that's not covered here?
Please "Contact Us" with details of what you specifically require.  We will look into it a.s.a.p.

Can I get married in the Shrine?
As long as you fulfil the same prerequisites as if you were getting married in your Catholic Home Parish, all should be well.  Approach your Catholic Home Parish Priest and he will take care of the rest -this includes persons who are not resident in Gibraltar.  The latter also have other civil registry requirements.

Are other liturgical events possible?
All sacraments are celebrated at the Shrine.  Let us know so that all preparations can be made.  This includes 'other events', such as periods of recollection or other services.

How can I support your work?
Our main need are your prayers and your support in visiting the Shrine and this site.  But yes, our work does require financial support, even in the running of this site.  Your contribution will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged.  Thank you in advance.

Where can I find more FAQ's about devotion to Our Lady?
We have compiled a general list, not exhaustive, on these questions, check here.

We are not answering your question?
Again, the best way is to drop us an email or try the community pages.

How are you taking care of my personal information or data?
All this information is covered in our "privacy policy".

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