I find Marian devotions really hard?
Were it not so, we could not call them devotions.  Marian devotions are based on one thing: prayer.  Prayer is something that may not come easily!  We recommend that despite feeling the contrary you keep at it.  There is an element of discipline in these things; think of it as if you do it out of love and because you choose it so.  Perhaps the key lies in thinking in terms of "love"; love for Jesus and love for Mary.

I get distracted praying the Rosary?
It happens to many people!  Yet, think of the Rosary as the shore-line of the sea; waves come, to-and-fro.  Our Rosary may be similar!  We may loose our focus for a moment but then we get back to it.  There is a beauty in this because it is so similar to our spiritual journey in how we are sometimes away from God yet we return back to Him!  As you pray, think carefully on each meditation.  What do I see, hear, feel in each meditation?

Shouldn't there be only one Mary?
Catholics recognize only one Mother of God.  Because of her many graces and attentions, we may call her under different names or titles,  These titles are more like terms of endearment than anything else.

When we already have Jesus, why have Mary?
Jesus will always have the glory and the due recognition as the Son of God that he is!  Jesus is the most important thing -Our God and Saviour!  Yet, Jesus himself gave Mary to all, we could not just refuse this beautiful gift.  Mary is supreme amongst the saints for assenting to God's will in givng us Jesus.  Devotion to Mary is simply saying thank you for her "yes" in being the vehicle for Jesus Birth.  The statue of Our Lady of Europe with Child represents just that.

What's the purpose of Marian devotions?
That we can model ourselves on Mary in bringing Jesus to this world: to our homes, families and envirionment.

When do I know that I am loved by Jesus and Mary?
It's not a matter of when, but of,  that you are already loved by Jesus and Mary.  Their love is pure.  Yet, our conception of love can become tainted by present-day negativity or cirumstances which has a big influence on our "self-identity".  Remember, despite society somewhat showing the opposite of love, it can not be compared to how we are loved by God. So yes, you are loved and prized and do not allow others or circumstances to change your mind. 

What can Our Lady of Europe do for me?
We always start from love.  A loving relationship is a two-way process, such that the question would be changed to: what can I do for Our Lady of Europe?  Nevertheless,
just think of what she has already given us: Jesus!  This is no small thing!  The question to also ask ourselves is: are we happier and better human beings because of Jesus and Mary?

Our lafy of Europe -photo-manipulated glass background.